Micro Partes®, Quality, Our compromise ever:

Quality in every level is the fundamental purpose in the Micro Partes culture , and this is not only reflected in our products, but also in the importance that we give to the interaction with our Customers, Suppliers and last but not least our People.

To you:

Our responsibility goes beyond the sale of the products, trough our service and attention, we establish an open communication, where a professional team assists personally, by phone and online doubt every doubt you may have about our product and its different applications, besides give advice related to it use.

Our planet, enviroment protection:

Micro Partes® aims to contribute on the preservation of the environment for the future generations and to work as a team with our groups of interest so we can focus on global issues with innovative and effective formulas. Micro Partes® constantly check the manufacture operations and the business practices to make sure that our products are developed on the most responsible way with the environment. We aim to reduce the ecologic impact of our products along its use, since the evaluation of its performance, on the planning stage, until the development of innovative applications that reduce the consume of energy, looking for the most friendly alternatives with our environment.