Terms and conditions

Minimum order currency: $100.00 US

Minimum order on product Standard Pack indicated

*Whichever comes first

General: The delivery has no extra cost (FOB) on the South Texas Valley, Monterrey area and Saltillo, Coahuila. In case of being out of this area we will make a deal with the customer on the form of delivery. Any shipment has insurance, unless the customer indicates the opposite. The buyer will pay the insurance if it’s needed and also the charge of the delivery.

Purchase or payment trough our website: Every payment or purchase made trough Micro Partes® website would have a small charge of 5% plus of the entire amount of the payment to make. That is for operation fee of our server.

Prices: We have the right of increasing the prices if after a careful evaluation of our costs it’s necessary.

Tools: We keep the tools for a reasonable time according to our industrial acceptable practice. The molds that produce no acceptable parts after a reasonable maintenance are subject to revision. We don’t have insurance on the tools unless the customer has one, in case the mold belongs to them. In those cases a extra cost applies for the concept of the insurance’s cost.

Call off: The orders won´t be subjects of cancellation, change, reduction, or suspension of delivery, except with our consent and under the condition that protect us against any loss. In case of calling off a confirmed order a 25% charge of the total value of the purchase order.

Patent: The buyer free sues from any responsibility, expenditure or loss that results from the violation of patents or a trademark arising from compliance of the designs, specifications or instructions from the buyer.

Quantity: All the parts are precisely counted with sophisticated and certified electronic tilts. They may have light weight variations due to the slight differences between the part and its properties. Shipments of parts submitted are subject to variation in quantities of +/ -10%

Return authorization: If you found that the parts are deviated from the limits of tolerance, send us a sample by mail with your report, for us to, after we study the case, give you the correspondent return authorization. No material will be accepted without the correspondent authorization. The unauthorized devolution will be shipped and re-factured with an additional minimum cost of $50.00 US.

Claims: Please inspect every shipment within 15 days starting on the delivery date. The lack of unconformities in the shipments whiting the 15 days is the acceptance of the order.

Note: Any purchase order that includes conditions or clauses that conflicts with our condition or/and includes any other conditions beside the ones that we establish may be annulled without implying any responsibility for Micro Partes®.

Important: Every shipment is packaged in moisture. Do not open the package until it’s used. Seal it again after open.