100 ° Flat head screw

100 ° Flat head screw

Resistant, Durable, Lightweight and Economic


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Material: Nylon 6/6
Reactions: Depends on Material Injection
Uses: Screw
Technical data: NYLON 6/6.pdf

Frequently Asked Questions about 100 ° Flat head screw

What are the resins used for manufactures 100 ° Flat head screw?

Nylon 6/6.

What are the applications of 100 ° Flat head screw?


You are Industrial Suppliers of 100 ° Flat head screw?

Yes; We are Suppliers of Plastic Fasteners and Rubber Components, we cover the entire Mexican Republic and we ship all over the world. We are Suppliers to the Industry of Home Appliances, Electronics, Automotive, HVAC Refrigeration, Furniture and more.